Why is any bleaching done on pads and diapers?
I've heard talk that pads contain toxic amounts of dioxin. Is this true?
Do you have toxic dyes in your products?
How do you assure your products are safe?
We use an elemental chlorine-free process to purify the fibers used in our products. Purification eliminates impurities and cleans the fibers. Whitening the
fibers is a result of this process, but not its goal. Heyyou offer an option where the pad materials are purified through an alternative method that is Total
Chlorine Free and uses hydrogen peroxide.
Please rest assured: our science-based assessment process works to ensure the safety of the women who use our products. Only the products and the
materials that meet science-based safety standards can go to market. Further, we share our assessments with scientists, health care providers and
authoritative bodies to assure that our products can be used safely.

No, the fiber purification involves an elemental chlorine-free process which does not cause the production of dioxin.Before the 1990s, elemental chlorine was used in one step of the purification process. This method is no longer used because trace amount of pollutants, like dioxins, were formed. Today, pulp and
cotton are purified using an elemental chlorine free process or totally chlorine free process, and neither process forms dioxins.

No, we do not. Pigments that are used in some of our products have been rigorously assessed by scientists, health care providers and authoritative bodies
to assure they can be used safely.
We sometimes get a question about whether our products and the ingredients used to make them are safe.
Heyyou focus has been your comfort and protection and that begins with your safety. It is the safety of the people who use our products that are the
foundation of everything we do. We share our safety assessments and ingredient information with independent experts including physicians, university
scientists, and health authorities. Also, we have published many of our safety assessments in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Importantly, our products are medical devices in the CHINA and are required to meet the strict safety expectations of the China National Accreditation Service for Cinformity Assessment
(CNAS) and China Metrology Accreditation(CMA). Also reach safety standard of U.S. FDA and Europe CE.

Will your products cause allergies or irritate the skin?
All of our products go through a rigorous safety evaluation to ensure they can be used safely and should not cause skin irritation or an allergic reaction.

Are scented safe? Won't they be irritating and make me itch down there?
We make sure the materials that are used in our products, including the fragrance in our scented products should not be irritating, cause itching, or cause
an allergic reaction. Both our scented and unscented pads and diaper can be used safely and it’s a matter of personal choice if you want it with fragrance or not. Additionally, the fragrance used in our scented products meets the strict safety standards set by the International Fragrance Association, the world's
leading authority on fragrance safety. We recommend our unscented pads and diapers for people who prefer fragrance-free products or who may already
have allergies or sensitivities to fragrances.

Why aren't all of your pads and diapers made of 100% cotton?
We know that no two people are the same, and neither are their periods or their choices. All Heyyou products meet rigorous safety and effectiveness
standards, regardless of what they are made of, and there’s a choice of product for everyone, every period. Our mission is to make sure that our customer
have the choices they want. It was created for customer who want with simple ingredients that they can count on, but who are dissatisfied with current
options in the “naturals” category due to leaks or discomfort. Pure and Clean offers women the trusted comfort and period protection women expect
from Heyyou, and simple ingredients free of dyes, fragrance, and chlorine bleaching.

Is there chlorine bleach in your products?
No, none of our products contain chlorine bleach. All of our products are purified by a totally chlorine free process, while the rest of our products are
purified using an elemental chlorine-free purification process. Both processes are equally safe.